• Establishment time
  • Registered capital
    3650ten thousand
  • Land occupation
Ningbo Boye plastic valve Co., Ltd

Blsj is the first brand to enter the domestic market and introduce advanced valve manufacturing processes at home and abroad. As a leader in the valve industry, blsj has developed from the earliest single valves and specifications to five materials (FRPP, UPVC, CPVC, PPH, PVDF), There are 16 valve categories, 22 specifications in 2 series of metric system and British system, 9 varieties of pipe fittings, 6 specifications in 2 series of corrosion-resistant pumps, ranging from DN15 to DN1000;

As well as various sealing accessories, anti-corrosion screws, welding rods, etc., the anti-corrosion series products have reached the leading level in China, and are widely used in chemical, chlor alkali, pharmaceutical, dye, electroplating, environmental protection and other industrial sectors.